1990’s Artisan-Made Earrings


Modernist Jeweler Heinz Brummel – Bauhaus Inspired – Sterling Silver with 3-Dimensional Onyx Hearts

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1990’s Artisan Handmade Earrings by Modernist Jeweler Heinz Brummel.
These earrings are crafted of Sterling Silver with 3-dimensional onyx hearts set in a silver bezel. There are onyx beads and silver details that add interest to these beautiful earrings.
2- 3/4 inches long x 1 inch wide
Gram weight: 20 grams

A bit about the artist:
His work is Bauhaus inspired.. liking the works of Paul Klee, Calder & Miro to name a few of those late 19th and 20th century visionaries.
Brummel was born 1955 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Heinz Brummel grew to appreciate the traditions of the craft world through his father’s work as an architect and his own experience living in a commune in France. He feels that the craftsperson has a connection with the past and a role to respect . . . keeping traditions alive and passing them on. He cites the Bauhaus as a source of personal inspiration and believes that people should learn to appreciate good design in their everyday world.

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