1940’S SIAM Triangle Brooch & Pendant


with an image of  Siam goddess dancers..

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1940’S sterling silver brooch from Siam, a country that changed it’s name to Thailand in 1948.
Many of these sterling pieces were brought into the states during WWII by servicemen traveling in Thailand in the 1940’s. Many of our servicemen brought them back as gifts.
The images on these pieces are a traditional Siam goddess dancers. This brooch is an oval domed piece with a locking clasp in the back. It is a sterling silver oval wrapped with cut-out filigree details. The center is black enamel with 2 goddess dancers.
This is in EXCELLENT VINTAGE CONDITION.. no issues to note.
2 inches tall x 1-5/8 inches wide
weight: 10.25 grams

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