1940’S Floral Brooch with Red Faceted Stones


with a gold wash patina..

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1940’s Sterling Silver Brooch with a gold wash overlay. This brooch is in the form of a tulip-like flower with a open & closed bud. There is an additional branch with 3 faceted red crystal baguettes….
Beautiful. has a rather Art Nouveau feel to the piece.
There is no maker mark on this piece.
Stamped: STERLING on the back
There is a locking clasp on the back that works well.
This is in GOOD VINTAGE CONDITION.. The gold wash has worn off in some areas, leaving an interesting patina. On the back of the piece some of the gold wash is crackled and missing.

weight: 19 grams
Measurements: 3-1/2 inches x 2-1/2 inches


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